Please contact us for a quote when you have decided which house you would like to build with us and we will assist you further with questions regarding the possibilities to build a house in your area, different material options, and layouts.

How we work

Quotes are calculated individually in accordance with house’s size, standard and many other factors. Of course, quotes are usually free of charge.

As soon as we received your information, we will get in touch with you shortly for additional information.

You will receive a quote within 3-5 working days for the houses from our catalogue and it will take about 2-3 weeks to calculate a price quote for an individual and unique/ architect-designed house.

Our house models

This option suits you if you are interested only in a house frame without roofing material and interior walls.

Kit Homes Bas Economy

This option suits you if you are interested in a house frame with interior walls and roofing materials.

Kit Homes Bas Standard

This option suits you if you are interested in a house ready to move in.

Ready-to-move-in house

Please, order our catalog with our broad spectrum of different house models. Allow yourself a mom ent of inspiration by our ready-made models or find a style that can serve as a basis for your own dream home. Order the catalog today and you will have it within the next few days.
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