«OPTIMEA HUS» is a housing company founded in 2014 by Ruslans Sosnovskis.

The story begins in 1984 when the five-year-old Ruslans built his first house in Lego. Later, Ruslans became a carpenter learning the specifics of building houses in different designs and countries. This would allow Ruslans to gain knowledge and entrance into bigger projects as well as work for large construction companies. His responsibility as a project manager gave him a wide network within the architecture and construction industry, both in Sweden and internationally.

The result of the childhood journey of building houses in Lego is now the well-known company Optimea Hus AB, building real and comfortable houses. Today, with private individuals, large companies and recognized architects as its clients, Optimea Hus AB guarantees ultimate security and quality in its approach. As a general contractor on the Swedish market, Ruslans Sosnovskis has been focusing on sustainability within the construction industry. He has also been creating sustainable relations between countries for many years.

Today, Optimea Hus has its own house factory on the other side of the Baltic Sea, in Ruslans’ home country – Latvia. All the modules of Optimea’s wooden houses are produced there according to Swedish standards, Swedish traditions, and requirements.

Please, order our catalog with our broad spectrum of different house models. Allow yourself a moment of inspiration by our ready-made models or find a style that can serve as a basis for your own dream home. Order the catalog today and you will have it within the next few days.


To build with us will always ensure a safe and smooth experience where we guarantee a satisfying result.

The way to your dream house begins here and now. Let us realize it for YOU

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