OPTIMEA HUS is a supplier and contractor assisting with planning, construction, plumbing, and electricity (except groundwork).

Please contact your own groundwork contractors for quotes and references in order to select the right one for your construction project.
Property Construction
We at Optimea Hus understand the importance of the decision to build a new house. Please use our professional advice below before you get started building your new house.


Please think about how big your house should be considering your current status, needs, and future plans.

It is also important to think about a right positioning of your house and outdoor spaces, taking into consideration the sun light and how it comes through. Filling your house with natural light and embellishing it with shadows can contribute to a unique design ambiance.

We also advise you to get in touch with your future neighbors early on to inform them about your plans. This will allow you to reduce unnecessary discussions and disagreements that may arise during the construction and could have a negatively effect on your project.

Early planning

Electricity and Plumbing

You should update your budget with information from local providers of electricity, utilities, and any other services.

Geotechnical investigation

Order a geotechnical survey of the ground to find out the bearing capacity of the ground, if there is a risk of rock that needs blasting or if it is a muddy site that may need to be reinforced and piled. In this way, you avoid unpleasant surprises and unnecessary expenses that can otherwise appear during an ongoing construction project.


Get in touch with a few banks to discuss your house plans and compare deals, choose a bank which offer loan guarantees.

Please, contact us if your bank needs additional information.

Planning permission

The first thing to do is to get in touch with the local “Planning Department for Buildings” to obtain information about rules applying to the area you are moving into and specifically to your plot of land. The following questions can be asked:
  • What is the maximum permitted height of a house?
  • What regulations are applied to facades, colours, and roof materials?
  • Is there a certain architectural style in the area to follow?
  • How much of the plot's areas can be built on?
  • What’s the maximum size you can have on the ground floor?
Don't forget to include costs for building permit in your budget as well as an architects drawing if you choose your own house design.

Please, order our catalog with our broad spectrum of different house models. Allow yourself a mom ent of inspiration by our ready-made models or find a style that can serve as a basis for your own dream home. Order the catalog today and you will have it within the next few days.
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When you have done your research and is ready for the next step, please contact us. We operate across Sweden with our main office in Stockholm. We deliver our houses to all parts of the Nordic countries.
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